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For us at Tube, Quality is a key word expressing our main goal, which is to produce the Finest Collapsible Aluminium Tube!

In order to provide the finest aluminium tube, Tube's team is fully aware that quality is equally important in all areas and should be integrated in every aspect in our operations, namely our equipments, raw materials, service and management system. Our equipments and machineries are fully automatic production lines, with latest technology from best suppliers in Germany and Switzerland. Raw materials are always secured from best suppliers locally and in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Greece …

Best service is always delivered by qualified personnel: Tube team is having amongst its personnel very skillful persons with long years of experience in tube production as well as competent motivated and quality - oriented persons.

Quality is not just a good product produced once, twice, sometimes, or many times... That is why consistency of producing quality products is essential for future growth. Tube is assuring its quality level. yet with continuous daily improvements through its management quality system certified by BVQI in accordance to ISO 9001 : 2000.


Tube is applying strict quality control checkpoints during production on all the manufacturing points from the press until the packing inside the carton boxes in order to constantly monitor all the tube requirements, in full accordance to customer specifications as well as to British Standard ( BS¬2006/1984 ) and Egyptian Standard ( ES-2539/1993 ).


In our laboratory, where we are equipped with all the necessary tools and measuring devices, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that the products are perfectly matching our customers requirements before releasing them for final dispatch.