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We are all united in our commitment to satisfy the needs of aluminum tubes and plastic packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. We strive to be the partner of choice for all our customers, through quality, service and innovation. We will be very pleased to have the opportunity to serve you!

Besides the large capacity that TUBE provides locally, regionally and to various export markets, TUBE cares about all its stakeholders... team members, customers, suppliers, and community: The engaging culture, empowered team, and cutting-edge technology are the distinctive elements of what TUBE is.

As environmentally responsible and ethically based company, TUBE is working with suppliers and customers to minimize process scrap & packaging waste among various other initiatives to maintain healthy balance between the responsibilities in our work, our homes and our community.

Your partner for aluminum tubes

We care about our customers... TUBE has all the necessary resources to be the most reliable and preferred partner for all of its customers. The highest quality standards, flexibility to accommodate customers’ requirements, individual customer support, timely deliveries, close after sale service are, for us, the basis of successful cooperation and sincere partnership.

Why aluminum tubes?

Aluminum tube offers unique advantage for the pack- aging industry! It guarantees perfect security and preservation of the packed filling material since it is having complete impermeability to oxygen, moisture and all other external agents, thus, giving the longest shelf life to the product while maintaining its fresh- ness and complete properties thanks to the proper internal lacquer covering the complete inner tube surface, and the latex ring sealing its bottom end. No suck-back while application, avoiding oxygen pene- tration inside the tube and leaving the tube shape with the actual amount of material inside to be visible for end user reference.

Not every good tube is suitable for every good filling material!

We care about our quality and the success of our customers... We always work with our customers as partners to build successful products by assisting them in the selection of the most suitable tube dimen- sions and specification for their very specific applica- tion in order to perfectly match their defined need.

Our experience in matching the suitable tube specifi- cation to the filling material properties is positioning TUBE’s tubes to be the preferred choice of top phar- maceutical, cosmetic companies and producers of creams, gel, ointments, food, adhesives, sealants, paints, silicones, and much more.